The Ghost in My House

My home is 180 years old, and it has “character.”  That means it has some unusual features and it needs a lot of repairs.  Among the features are wide-plank floors, working fireplaces, old hardware, wooden dowels where one might expect nails, and brick insulation in the walls (which is very inefficient).  It also reveals changes … Continue reading The Ghost in My House


Thank You to the SOL Community

“’O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’He chortled in his joy.”(from The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll) I’m celebrating the last day of the March writing challenge! Overall, I have enjoyed writing daily, although I’ve had plenty of days with frustrating false starts and massive deletions.  It’s been great to get positive feedback on my writing, and for … Continue reading Thank You to the SOL Community

Thanks to My Favorite Coach

Inspired by a mbhmaine’s slice (, I wrote a thank-you note to a favorite teacher. Dear Coach, I want to thank you, once again, for your phenomenal coaching. As you know, I became a coach because I wanted to follow in your example.  When you came to college my sophomore year, you brought much, much … Continue reading Thanks to My Favorite Coach

A Glance at My Yard

Inspired by an idea from slicer, wowilkinson, (, I am using numbers as a foundation for my writing. In 1 expansive yard, bordered, in part, by 2 hedges of budding forsythia, I have 3 weathered bluebird houses and 4 sparse gardens (one for vegetables and the other three for flowers and greenery). 5 robins currently … Continue reading A Glance at My Yard