Nature’s Insecticide: A Carnivorous Plant

Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) My daughter wants to take care of a fly problem in her apartment by using Venus flytraps, carnivorous plants.   The Venus flytrap has always fascinated me.  The leaves are lined with sensitive, hairlike fibers that detect the movement of its prey—ants, flies, beetles, slugs, or spiders.  Then the plant closes upon … Continue reading Nature’s Insecticide: A Carnivorous Plant


97 Degrees

Today the weather is searing hot – 97 degrees with 71% humidity and a “real feel” temperature of 111.  I am outside, sitting on a bench in the shade of a huge maple tree, with my laptop open…and I am content. I love the peacefulness of this day.  Usually, our neighborhood has a fleet of … Continue reading 97 Degrees

Enjoying a Race As a Coach

 This past Sunday morning, my fifty students in the spring Girls on the Run program ran a 5K race.  The race we attended was an especially family-oriented event, with a kind crowd, full of parents, siblings, friends, and townspeople.  As the girls ran through neighborhoods, spectators cheered, posted encouraging signs, and turned on their sprinklers … Continue reading Enjoying a Race As a Coach