A Glance at My Yard

Inspired by an idea from slicer, wowilkinson, (https://wowilkinson.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/sub-totals/), I am using numbers as a foundation for my writing.


1 expansive yard, bordered, in part, by

2 hedges of budding forsythia, I have

3 weathered bluebird houses and

4 sparse gardens (one for vegetables and the other three for flowers and greenery).

5 robins currently peck at the lawn and then fly into one of the

6 beautiful maple trees.  Unfortunately,

7 deer routinely graze on my plants.  By the barn and by the house, I have more than

8 ash trees that are endangered by the emerald ash borer.  I have at least

9 chores of yardwork that I ought to do soon — all in my

1 backyard.


7 thoughts on “A Glance at My Yard

  1. I love this format so much! It’s always fun to see a form I’ve admired from one slicer used in a unique way by another slicer. The only thing I like better than lists are list poems, so I really enjoyed your slice today. Those 7 pesky deer!

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