Radiant Daffodils

Radiant yellow daffodils, fresh from my garden, stand tall in a blue vase.  The blooms are perfect, with crisp edges and magnificent hues.  Their lovely scent graces the room.  The centers of these beautiful flowers look like golden trumpets, blaring the joys of spring.  They make me smile.

Still, I am always torn between picking flowers and leaving them in my yard for all to see.  Daffodils are one of the few flowers that the deer do not eat, so, over the years, I have planted many varieties in my garden and yard.  I’ve grown daffodils that are tall, miniature, curly edged, smooth edged, pure yellow, a mix of yellow and white or orange, and so on.  Every year they multiply, and every spring, I am delighted to see them bloom.

Daffodils are a simple pleasure…grand in their beauty, but ordinary in their abundance.  I love to see them shining in and around my home.

3 thoughts on “Radiant Daffodils

  1. I love daffodils as well. They are the perfect antidote to early spring blahs! I agree that it is hard to decide whether to pick flowers or not. I love them in the yard, growing their little hearts out, soaking up the sunshine. I usually pick just a few and put them right by my kitchen sink. I stand there all of the time anyway!


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