Thanks to My Favorite Coach

Inspired by a mbhmaine’s slice (, I wrote a thank-you note to a favorite teacher.

Dear Coach,

I want to thank you, once again, for your phenomenal coaching.

As you know, I became a coach because I wanted to follow in your example.  When you came to college my sophomore year, you brought much, much more to our field hockey and lacrosse teams than just physical education and training.  In addition to helping me become a stronger, more confident athlete, you brought joy and energy into my life.   You infused our team with a spirit that helped us work together and become friends.  I remember the theme of “magic” for one of our seasons, and I do think something extraordinary emanated from your leadership, something magical and wonderful.  You are an amazing coach!

Thank you for bringing your kind spirit, energy, playfulness, and determination to our team!

All the best,

Diane Lisa


2 thoughts on “Thanks to My Favorite Coach

  1. What a great slice! I hope you can forward your letter on to your coach. I was able to connect with the teacher I’d written to and our exchange was a bright spot in my day.


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