Mother’s Day

Sometimes, the universe brings lovely ribbons of life together and ties them in a perfect bow.  At least, that is how I felt a couple of days ago on Mother’s Day.

The morning started with work that went well. One of my jobs is as a personal trainer, and at 9 a.m., I trained a hard-working client who has become a friend.  We had a heartfelt conversation while she exercised, and I enjoyed listening to her and helping her to become stronger.  I always find a productive training session to be fulfilling, but it is especially fun to work with a friend.

When I got home, I did my own workout, and then I spoke to my mother for a long time on the phone.  She is 89 years old, and although I frequently disagree with her, I am always glad for her health and wellbeing.  She sounded happy and busy, as she was going to head over to her boyfriend’s house.  (“Boyfriend” is an ill-fitting word.  The man is 101 years old!) I feel fortunate that my mother is enjoying her life and that she is supportive of mine.

Afterward, my daughter came over to my house, and together we chatted and played Boggle via Zoom with my son who lives 2,700 miles away.  I love hearing about my daughter’s and son’s lives and simply hanging out with them.  My daughter and son gave me a beautiful yellow orchid, brilliant with blooms, and they gave me some delicious chocolate.  Most of all, though, they gave me the gift of their company.  How I miss having them home!

My boyfriend (another misnomer) came over with a bouquet of tulips and together we prepared a tasty dinner, using a new recipe.  I felt grateful for his companionship and thoughtfulness.

The day was full of love, giving and taking.  That was my perfect bow.

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. It sounds like a perfect day. I love the image of your elderly mother going to spend time with her 101 year old boyfriend, What a model for living life fully. How fortunate you are to have her hale and hearty at that age! Your day sounds like a perfect bow indeed. Happy belated mother’s day!

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