Spring in My Step

Spring weather is often glorious – with mild temperatures, bright sunshine, and color abounding as the leaves and flowers pop open.  When the weather is beautiful, I feel compelled to be outdoors.  Unfortunately, when I am in the house or a store, I feel like a child who is missing a birthday party.  It’s as if everyone is celebrating and having fun but me.  I feel disappointed and frustrated.  I’d like to stamp my foot and whine, “Let me go!”, until I head outdoors to celebrate the day myself.

I enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while I do ordinary activities – ride my bike, go for a walk, mow the lawn, weed the garden, pick flowers, sit on the patio to write, and so on.  I simply like to be in the fresh air, especially when I can observe nature.

Today, however, it is pouring rain, but I don’t mind.  In the winter, the rain makes me feel cooped up indoors, with dim light and dreary days.  However, in the spring the rain offers me a day of rest from the excitement of gorgeous days.  I can tend to my indoor chores without feeling rushed to head outside.  A rainy day provides a much-needed break from my high energy and longing.

I don’t know if other people feel that same degree of excitement that I feel in spring.  It could just be seasonal affective disorder kicking in.  On lovely days, I feel joyful and awed by the beauty that surrounds me.  It is not such a bad way to go.

2 thoughts on “Spring in My Step

  1. Perspective is everything. Springtime is the perfect time for doing things outdoors. Seeing plants bloom and trees begin to get their leaves just makes me happy to be alive. Plus, you don’t have the oppressive heat and humidity of summer.

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