When I Write…

A few days ago, one slicer, djvichos, wrote about why she writes. (https://djvichos.wordpress.com/2021/03/21/why-write/).  I thought I’d look at my writing process in a slightly different way.

When I write, I like silence – no music, no chitchat.  If there happens to be noise in the house or the sounds of cars driving by, I no longer notice, because I am in my own quiet place in my mind.

When I write, I like pausing to sip hot coffee and to look out the large kitchen windows.  Then I see whatever nature has to offer in my yard – birds resting in a still-leafless maple, deer grazing on weeds and plants, a cat approaching to be let indoors, and all sorts of plants just beginning to emerge or bud.  I admire nature, I daydream, and then I refocus on the ideas I’m trying to convey.

When I write, I like capturing what I observe and feel in words, and getting those thoughts down on paper.  I like to picture scenes from the past and to recall as many details as I can, in hope of creating those images for the reader or simply for myself.

When I write, I get frustrated by my inner judge, who says that my ideas are pointless and not worth sharing.  That is the foundation of my writer’s block.

When I write, I like the way time passes quickly.

When I write, I always feel that my composition is not quite finished, but that it’s simply time to wrap it up….like now.


4 thoughts on “When I Write…

  1. I liked your repetition of “When I write”. It sets the stage nicely for all kinds of things–which I liked about your piece. All of your statements resonated with me. I’ve been thinking about my inner judge lately, and how to avoid her! Maybe that’s what my next slice is about.

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  2. I love the way you tackled the prompt of “when I write.” You’ve got me thinking about what it is that I require when I write. And the weird thing is…I don’t know that I can really point to any specific pattern. Sometimes I sit. Sometimes I’m standing. Sometimes I draft online. Others I sketch out in a notebook in pencil. Or a Flair pen. Sometimes I crank the Macy Gray. Others, it’s quiet (or as quiet as a house can be with dogs and teens). As for the feeling that I’m publishing before I’m really ready? ALWAYS. Sometimes I have to force myself to hit “publish” instead of revising that one last time. Thanks for this slice!

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