Writer’s Block


One little haiku–

This writer’s last resort to

Post something today.



There once was a writer at home

Whose mind would constantly roam,

Her writing was stuck

In a brain full of muck

So she never could finish a tome.


Diamante Poem:


Mundane, dull

Hesitating, forgetting, halting

Can I get out of this writer’s block?

Thinking, imagining, expressing

Lively, productive


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. What a cool way to rid yourself of writer’s block! Using poetic forms did get your words flowing. My favorite is the diamante, but I love limericks too. Thanks for sharing these today.


  2. I so deeply identify with you. I too have used simple poem forms to express (and move beyond!) writer’s block. The diamante which creates art from stagnation? Art, indeed. What I love about this community is knowing how we all go through phases where we’re not necessarily feeling an overwhelming creative urge. It’s so cool to see all the different ways that fellow writers get over that hump and just put. Something. Out there. Thanks for this slice!

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