Growing Old

When I was a girl, observing the adults at cocktail parties, I formed a mental list of things that I would never do as an old person.  For example, I wouldn’t dye my hair (or, as my mother put it, “restore it to its natural color”).  I wouldn’t automatically wear makeup every time I left the house.  I wouldn’t talk about taxes, politics, and other boring subjects.  I wouldn’t complain of aches and pains…and so on.  I have grown up and done all of these things.

As a child, I had planned to age gracefully.  I was certain that I would have the body of a twenty-five-year-old  –fit and strong — but with soft gray hair and crow’s feet by my eyes.  It didn’t occur to me that my entire face would get wrinkled and my hands would look veiny.  How did this happen to me?

In all fairness, overall, I look fine for my age (61, in case you’re curious).  I am not a haggard old witch.  But it is still surprising to see how I have changed, internally and externally over the years.  Sometimes it bothers me, but today it makes me laugh.  As a girl, I was certain I’d become a kindly, spry old person.  Actually, I hope that part still comes true.

5 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. Funny! I often think the same thing. My Mother who was in her 90’s in a care facility would often remark that she did not want to go into that room with all those old people. She never saw herself as old. I am hoping I can do the same. I know the looks are there but at least I can try and be active and happy. I love your post. It got me thinking.

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  2. I’m starting the journey of no longer hiding the gray. (That’s actually an upcoming post!) I’ve been diligent about moisturizing for decades, though, as I swore in my youth (and continue in my non-youth) that my grandma had more wrinkles than any other human I’d met in person.

    I had to read your post because there’s so little I do gracefully! 🙂 Loved it.

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  3. Wow, so well spoken. I also feel myself looking around in amazement at the fact that somehow I managed to “mature”! At 62 I still don’t feel like I’ve grown old. It creeps up on you exactly like people say it does. But work helps. And this past year, with all the new skills we have had to learn, we should be good for a few more at least! Thanks for an interesting post!


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