Deleting a Post

I willingly gave up my anonymity on this website to a trusted friend, and still, I cringed with embarrassment when she read yesterday’s post.  I deleted the essay.

I was musing about a situation that happened when I was young, and I was trying to figure out the problem from an adult perspective.  Writing helped me process the matter, but the piece was not well-crafted and the content didn’t seem interesting enough to share.  The thoughts were better suited to a journal than a website.  How do I write something relevant, insightful, entertaining, or whatever else good writing does, and do it every day for a month?

In honesty, I can’t.  At present, I am hoping that some good writing over the month emerges from the cocoon of thought that I am spinning around myself.  I long for one lovely essay to take flight to please the reader.

I fear that today, I am making the same mistake as yesterday.  Writing to think is certainly valuable, but is it worth posting?

I’m hoping that tomorrow, I’ll be inspired by a better topic.  When I write in a journal, I find the activity to be swift and delightful.  It doesn’t matter if my entries are mundane or profound.  When I write for an audience, I get stuck, searching for something meaningful to say.  Nonetheless, I am determined to persevere with the March writing challenge.  There is so much to learn by the process!


5 thoughts on “Deleting a Post

  1. Are you inside my head, or what! I read something that someone posted the other day. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who did because I don’t remember commenting on it! Ugh…anyway she said, writing doesn’t need an audience but it appreciates one. Something like that. You get the gist and since reading it, I have changed my perspective a bit. I’m not writing for an audience. I’m writing for me. Good luck. We’ve got this!

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  2. Writing is always so personal and when we put our thinking out in the world it is easy to question what we are saying; wondering if it is worthy of a post; wondering if others might judge what we say. Yet sharing our stories – writing about the mundane – writing about the interesting – writing about the unusual – writing about the fun – just writing about anything is fulfilling and brings us to meaning… keep writing. Keep posting.

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  3. I think that it is really difficult to know what to share and publish, even if it is on a blog. I understand where you are coming from. I, too, hope that you continue to write and post.

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