This I Believe…

There is a podcast called “This I Believe” and on it, people share essays describing “the core values that guide their daily lives.” (

 I thought this would be an interesting exercise, so…

This I Believe…

            I believe in the power of caring about people.    By offering compassion, people can help each other to endure hardships, to celebrate the joys of life and to live well in daily life.

            In times of adversity, caring brings help and hope.  For example, during my greatest struggle, when I was suicidal, my brother visited me every day in the hospital.  His quiet presence and caring helped me bear an emotional pain that I could not tolerate alone anymore.   His caring was so gently and casually offered that I don’t think he could know the depth that it touched me. However, it was a powerful aid to my recovery. 

            In happy moments, caring enriches everything. When I was preparing to run my first marathon, a group of new friends threw me a party to celebrate my training and to wish me luck in the race.  My friends were fellow marathon runners, and one wrote a poem about our friendship and running together, and all brought food and stories and advice. I was delighted that my friends cared about me and my efforts, and I felt fortified for the race.  Caring enhances everything, and if something is good, caring makes it even better.

 Caring is vital to living well in daily life.  As a teacher, caring is the foundation of my work.  By establishing a good relationship with my students, I can be serious, playful, informative, and attentive, so that all of us enjoy the time together as we learn.  If I didn’t care, my work might be done just as well by a computer.  However, the spark of caring is a human trait, and it is the connection that enriches people’s lives.

            Mother Teresa said, “We cannot do great acts.  We can only do small acts with great love.”  I believe that by caring about people, we are proceeding to do small acts with great love, which can have a profound impact on everyone involved.


Note: I’d be delighted to hear about your core value in the comments section. Of course, any type of comment would be appreciated.

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