Another Haiku

Writing in silence, 
The commotion in my mind 
Shouts out loud and clear.

I wrote the haiku a few days ago, when I was bursting with ideas.  However, today I feel stumped.  Why is it hard to come up with a topic for my writing?  I have a lifetime of experience!  I should be able to plunge my hands into an ocean of ideas and come out with something fresh and sparkling…but now it feels like the entire ocean has evaporated.  Inspiration runs dry.  The stories that I imagine seem lifeless.  I want to continue with the Slice of Life challenge, but I don’t want to waste the reader’s time.

Good old writer’s block.  Hopefully, I’ll come up with something more substantial for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Another Haiku

  1. When I read your tag line about writer’s block I had to read your post. I’m feeling the same way today, although yesterday I had lots of writing ideas running through my mind. So I really can relate. I don’t think you should ever worry about wasting someone’s time. Just knowing what others are feeling is helpful! Thank you.

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  2. Ah, but we keep writing because then we come up with beautiful lines like, “I should be able to plunge my hands into an ocean of ideas and come out with something fresh and sparkling.” As an author once taught my class, “Practice makes better!”

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  3. There must be something about days 23 and 24. I and some slicers I know personally share this slump with you. In fact, my post “Peony” was a cheat- written earlier. Of course peonies aren’t in bloom now! But I agree with the commenters above that your ‘writer’s block’ post has value and beauty, too. Especially that line :). A “hidden gem.”
    I keep a list of ideas to write about, and so often I look at it and think, what was I thinking? But there’s always something, like the making pancakes description highlighted one day recently…
    Just keep going- as in so much of life, showing up is of more value than we realize 🙂

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  4. Oh my this was a beautiful piece to read! I love how you compared ideas to an ocean full of sparkling ideas. Something about that line brought a smile to my face. Again-truly a gorgeous way to describe writer’s block.

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