Ugly, Ragged Chairs

In a little sitting area in my kitchen, I have two hideous, threadbare chairs that my family and friends often plunk down and relax in.  The chairs are comfortable but ugly recliners with drab, old-fashioned fabric that is worn thin.  Worse, along the sides and backs of the chairs, the fabric has been shredded by my two cats, and yellow stuffing pops out.  I have patched the chairs excessively; one chair has 23 iron-on patches and the other has 12.  There is no subtlety about the attempt to cover the tears; the patches, although neutral in color, scream out.  I hope the look is homey, maybe even quilt-like, but more likely, the look is impoverished.  I am thoroughly embarrassed by this furniture. Why don’t I get new chairs?

The cats.  I would love to replace the chairs, but at the moment, there is no point.  The cats would destroy my new furniture as they have done to the old.

Of course, I have tried to get the cats to stop the habit of clawing furniture.  I have set up three scratching posts, which they seldom use.   I have tried spraying the cats with water to deter them.   I have clapped and shouted “No!” to startle them.  I have tried double sided tape because the cats don’t like the sticky texture, but one of my cats kept peeling and eating the tape.  Nothing has worked.

I am resigned.  My lovable cats will keep clawing, and I will keep patching these ugly chairs.  So it goes as a pet owner.

7 thoughts on “Ugly, Ragged Chairs

  1. I can feel the comfortableness of these chairs. And the love for your cats. It speaks to how our pets become part of our family. I love the patchwork. I can envision your chairs looking like a well loved quilt. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. Your teaser pulled me here. “Keeping ugly, ragged chairs and the cats…” and I read it as Keeping ugly, ragged chairs, and the cats. What a difference my added comma made as I thought about whether ugly referred to a cat or a behavior . I would love to sit in your ragged chairs and share cat stories.

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  3. Why do they not scratch on scratching posts? The same is true of my cats! I am currently living with 3 cats (as my daughter moved back with her 2), and I can’t have any plants or flowers around. Even dried flowers, even faux flowers are not possible. They are constantly biting at them or knocking them over, and so I have surrendered to having a plant-less house. What we do for our beloved felines…

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