The Final Day of the SOL Challenge

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” ― Mae West


Today is the final day of the March Slice of Life challenge!  Hurrah!  We made it!

Posting daily throughout March has challenged me as a writer. To write every day has required me to persevere, even when I have felt void of anything to say.  It has challenged my skill as a writer, as I’ve tried to present my ideas clearly, honestly, and vividly. And finally, the SOL challenge has tested my willingness to be vulnerable in my writing – to try various genres and topics, and to talk about myself and my observations.  I have definitely been out of my comfort zone when I have posted anything on the Internet.

So, I find myself wanting to thank the community again.  Thank you for doing the challenge along with me and for making yourselves a little vulnerable too.  Thank you for the candor in your posts. Thank you for your supportive comments; they mean a great deal to me.  Thank you for not commenting on my shortcomings as a writer or thinker; I am relieved that I can experiment here without feeling judged.  Thank you for proving that there are many great, caring teachers out there.

Now, we get to rest or to move on to other projects.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Final Day of the SOL Challenge

  1. Where do you get your great quotes? Did Mae West really say that? Makes me smile…
    Bravo and congratulations! 31 days you completed the challenge. I zoomed in on your thankfulness on not being judged. Another teacher (sorry, I forget who) wrote about how hard it is to grade her middle schoolers writing. She shared photos of some of her comments and they were all encouraging, like we write during this challenge. It has me thinking about how- if we as adults want only encouragement and a minimum of criticism, in order to take chances, don’t young children deserve the same?
    Anyway, so glad I “drew you name” to welcome, and so got to read you this month. I don’t always do it myself, but I recommend continuing with the Tuesday challenge (posting only Tuesdays.). Or, see you next year, I sure hope!

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  2. I have many quotes stuck in my head, but I don’t usually recall who said them. Thanks to Google, I can figure out the speakers quickly.

    Thank you again for your feedback throughout the challenge! I appreciate your taking the time and making such thoughtful comments. I’ll check out the Tuesday challenge and see if I have the energy to continue. At this point, I could use a little break!


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