Posting on a Blog

The moment before I hit the “publish” button for my blog, I always think of a quote by Leonardo da Vinci: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”  I never feel like my posts are quite polished enough; it seems that if I worked on them a little longer, they would shine to my satisfaction.  However, time is limited; I have to move on.  My attention is limited too; I become restless to do other activities beside writing.  So, eventually, I post my piece for the day and hope for the best.


Today, I have been utterly stuck for an idea to write about.  I’ve drafted a couple of reflections, but they turned out to be drivel.  Oh, my!  It is not a day to post at all, but I am determined to finish the SOL writing challenge, so here goes.  I’ll post this tidbit. My apologies for taking your time!

4 thoughts on “Posting on a Blog

  1. It was worthy just for your use of the word drivel! I don’t know why that word jumped out to me (maybe because many of my slices feel the exact same way) but I love it. Be proud of sticking with it and posting even when it feels like it might not be worthy…it totally is!

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  2. I love that first paragraph because it’s how I feel just about every day when hitting the “publish” button. I love how you articulate what I feel, and make it sound so artsy (Leonardo da Vinci quote, no less!). This last line: “My apologies for taking your time!” sounds just like something my grandmother (recently deceased) would say. It makes me smile and tear up at the same time. Thanks for sharing; it was a pleasure.

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  3. For me, sharing the quote made it worthwhile. I am thinking about his choice of the word “abandoned.” So strong an image.
    And I like the comment above how you reminded her of her grandmother. You never know what string your words might pull 🙂
    PS_ I am also having a hard time these last few days. I think most are. But you never know what you’ll find to say.

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  4. I like how you say: “However, time is limited; I have to move on…I become restless to do other activities besides writing.” That’s how I have felt. The first few days of this challenge, I spent a long time writing and revising, but it certainly couldn’t last for 31 days. So I found the writing and topics came quicker as this went forward, although I felt as you did, that many posts were not polished enough. You make some important points here. Thanks.

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