Historic Moments in a Child’s Eyes

Watching the First Moon Walk

When the astronauts landed on the moon for the first time, my parents woke me up, so that I could watch the event on our black-and-white TV.  They wanted my siblings and me to witness the historic moment.

Sitting on the floor in my pajamas, nestled against my parents with my sister and brother nearby, I watched a man in a huge white spacesuit as he stepped and bounced lightly across the barren surface of the moon.  He was moving slowly but joyfully, and I thought I would be great fun to play in outer space where there was low gravity.   At some point, two astronauts planted the American flag in the soil.  I liked the drama of the moment, but mostly, I liked staying up late to watch TV.


Finding Out President Kennedy Had Been Assassinated

I remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated.  I was four-years-old and my mother was carrying me on her hip into the elementary school office where my older brother and sister went to school.  When we entered the office, all of the secretaries were crying, and I was baffled.  Adults – crying?  Then my mother started crying.  I had no idea what was going on.

Eventually, my mother explained to me that something bad had happened to the President of the United States.  I didn’t know what a President was.  I had no idea why people were upset about someone they didn’t know personally.  I remember not understanding the concept of the tragedy, but I began absorbing the grief that was around me.  All of the adults were somber that day, and the kids played a bit more quietly.  It was an eerie day for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Historic Moments in a Child’s Eyes

  1. I feel the same about 9/11. I will never forget where I was and what was happening around me. Thank you for your slice and for seeing some truly historic events through the eyes of a child.

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  2. I was around for both of those events and older than you, so I remember them pretty clearly. I wasn’t that interested in the moon landing, but I remember feeling very sad about President Kennedy, although I’m not American. It’s interesting the impact they had on you, despite being quite small.

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  3. Interesting slice.
    WhenI teach my first graders about space, I tell them a long drawn out story about how everybody watched on TV, and the kids were all allowed to stay up late. I wonder how old they think I am, to have been witness to that moment.
    You have a good memory for your childhood.

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