Storm to Conform

What an amazing stormy day!  It’s strangely warm for winter and the wind has overturned the lawn furniture and sent debris flying across the yard.  It’s raining steadily at the moment. Every once in a while, I head to the barn with some slight chore in order to have an excuse to plunge myself in the wind and rain and warmth.  If I didn’t have neighbors, I’d stretch my arms wide, lift my face to the sky, feel the mild sting of rain, and let my baggy t-shirt billow and flap like an unguided sail.  And I’d stand there, open-armed, breathing deeply, admiring the weather.  It is very, very tempting to me, but I don’t want to be considered a lunatic, so instead I step outside to bring an empty flowerpot to the barn and return with some firewood– so mundane and so acceptable.

(Note:  This happened another winter, but I still regret trading joy for propriety.  I have made that decision all too many times.)

2 thoughts on “Storm to Conform

  1. I think this might be one of my favorite pieces, in my years of doing this challenge. Marvelous writing. I love the phrase ‘unguided sails.’ I love how you invent acceptable ways of entering the crazy weather. I find this such a thought provoking exploration of conformity.

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  2. Such lovely writing! I hope you can be an unguided sail one day soon. Perhaps one advantage of growing older is to not give a toss what the neighbors think!

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